Magnetic Track/Led Lamp/Ceiling and Liner Lights


Magnetic Track Lighting System

Magnetic track light system is a new minimalist lighting system for a modern space,will be the new trend for your DIY home lighting. It creates the vertical and horizontal styles on the wall and ceiling to meet with many creative DIY lighting ideas.

LED Spotlights

LED spotlights are especially designed to replace compact fluorescent light bulbs or the classic screw-in incandescent bulbs.

Ceiling Lights

ceiling lights are lights that are installed inside the ceiling in a housing unit that is sometimes called a canister. The housing unit installs above the ceiling line with a visible trim that is flush with the ceiling and may be decorative. The light from the bulb will shine directly downward.

Linear Lights

Linear lighting is defined as a linear shape luminaire (opposed to square or round). Usually, these lights are long in length and are installed as either suspended from a ceiling, surface mounted to a wall or ceiling or recessed into a wall or ceiling.