Residential & Commercial Lighting
Hotel & Decorative Lighting
Industrial and warehouse lighting
Led and Cove lighting
Street Lighting

We use lasted led technology such as Wifi enable light, Mini and Micro Led, Flicker Free power supply and low wattage high lumin.

Management Solutions

We offer energy management services to help your building, company, residential space to lower utility bills and improve on saving at least by 30%.


Installing lighting system is no more challenge for us , as we own cost effective, rapid and minimal time services to install lighting fixtures, Chandeliers, Ceiling light,Spot light..


We have the experience, facility and R&D team to make any OEM. We are a turnkey manufacture with the ability to make, bring your concepts and ideas into reality.


We are a team of experienced electrical engineers and lighting expert with an aim to design and deliver lighting solution and expertise to our clients at minimum cost.


Any client of our company receives full 24/7 support by our experienced team of customer care and sales dept.

lighting and Installation

We supply install specialized Facade lights covering buildings of the architectures, hotels, apartments, villas, showrooms, hypermarkets, shopping malls and stadium etc.

Welcome to Arabian Stars Electrical Devices LLC


Arabian Stars Electrical Devices LLC with years of innovation, has been creating, designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art complete lighting solutions.

Our extensive product range comprises Residential, Outdoor, Indoor, Custom made Lighting and fixtures, Retail Lighting, Villa Lighting & Facade, Malls & Showroom/Shop Lighting.

Arabian Star LLC has always been committed to customers complete satisfaction by providing the best quality products and reliable after-sales service.

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